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Development of micro-mobility systems. 

Global technological development also affected the transport sector by promoting new forms of mobility such as micro-mobility. The SIM4MTRAN project aims to develop a new generation design tool that will simulate transport interactions and assess their impact. More specifically it will examine the dynamic relationship between micro-mobility and other means of transport and provide solutions to technical. Social and administrative problems.

The implementation of the new innovative tool will consist of three parts: the theoretical evaluation framework, the simulation model tools and the guide for the design and organization of micro-mobility systems. The use of autonomous agents in the simulation models will allow the realistic modelling of traffic conditions and the interaction of vehicles with pedestrians, thus identifying factors that lead to accident



InWalk project aims to promote and enhance walking as a
sustainable means of transport for urban mobility by rewarding
users who choose walking with discounts and offers in nearby
The goals of this project are: i) research for walking as an
active means of transport, ii) the development of an alogorithm
that connects walking with financial rewards from nearby
businesses based on spatial and time criteria, and iii) the
development of a mobile application that integrates the above



Ridemind was the first online marketplace in Greece for peer-to
- peer car sharing, the “Airbnb for Cars”.

It connected car owners with people who needed a car.

Besides just being a platform operator, Ridemind aspired to become the established car sharing operational model for Greece
lending its’ service to other car sharing companies.

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