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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

During the past couple of months there have been significant developments in the e-mobility market in Greece, with the entry into force of Law 4710/2020 “On the promotion of e-mobility” (the “Law”) and the issue of Ministerial Decision No. ΥΠΕΝ/ΕΣΠΑΕΝ/77472/520/2020 on the “E-moving” initiative (the “MD”).

The Law introduces a unified and thorough regulatory framework for the e-mobility market, previously regulated in a partial and fragmented way, whilst the MD creates subsidies for the acquisition or lease of electric vehicles.

"The Law accelerates the procedure for the installation and operation of such units by granting absolute priority in the licensing procedure before public authorities."

The objective of the Law is to increase the use of low emission vehicles, to develop Greece’s charging infrastructure and to formulate the regulatory framework of the e-mobility market, by introducing financial and tax incentives as well as provisions on the organisation and operation of the market, the relations between market players and their obligations, spatial and urban planning for the development of charging infrastructure and other technical issues.

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